The RoadHouse in Numbers

The RoadHouse in Numbers
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The RoadHouse in Numbers


0 – Number of cats

Technically. Although Kraig and Jenny’s cat, Liška, comes to hang out sometimes and helps out by meowing incessantly for attention and distracting everyone with her cuteness.


2 – Number of owners

Kraig and Rod are the masterminds behind it all. They both hail from Canada, but that’s pretty much where the similarity ends. They’ve always been thought of as an odd-couple by friends who know them, especially before Kraig told Rod to put ‘business’ in front of ‘partner’ when introducing him at networking events. They’ve already created magic once in The MadHouse and now it’s time to see them do it again with The RoadHouse.


2 – Number of ovens

Same goes for fridges. A brand-new, fully stocked kitchen make our chefs, Noah and Dave, happy boys as they whip up hostel family dinners every night. Don’t worry if you want to get in there yourselves – you’re more than welcome and the guys love talking anything food. Or anything, really.


12 – Number of buildings looked at before finding The RoadHouse

The process of finding an appropriate building took a year and a half and at least 12 no-gos. There were a few interesting spots beforehand, but we didn’t want to compromise on anything in terms of size, location and layout. Our pickiness paid off in the end and we found a great flat in a really cool location that we were able to convert into a hostel.


18 – Number of beds

Let’s crush that stereotype that bigger is better! When it comes to hostels, we absolutely say less is more: more of a community, more opportunities to meet everyone, more of a personalized feeling rather than being referred to as a bed number.


100+ – Number of hours debated over which gaming and audio systems to get

Perhaps an exaggeration, but it feels like (at least) that long. Nintendo wii? Switch? Xbox? Sonos? Harman Kardon? So far Jenny’s helpful comments of “just pick one, they’re all the same anyway” have yielded some pretty ferocious blank stares from the guys.


150 – Number of meters from Charles Bridge

Also a hop, skip & jump away from Old Town Square and nestled among some awesome (award-winning!) local spots for coffee, nibbles, beer, wine & cocktails. We’re so happy with our neighbourhood that we’ve hardly ventured out of it since moving in!


1000s – Number of Eureka Moments when we’ve said “Yes! We should totally have/do/get _______” before reality set in and we realized it probably wasn’t possible (or, in fact, a truly terrible idea)

Okay, so maybe a dorm with hammocks instead of beds or a monkey butler a la Simpsons were never going to happen. But out of our off-the-wall brainstorming came some other awesome (and slightly more realistic) ideas that we’re making good on. Promise.

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