Our story

Our Story

From the masterminds behind The MadHouse Prague hostel comes a new concept in hostelling: The RoadHouse. While the MadHouse is a haven for mad folk and party-goers alike, The RoadHouse is made for those social travellers who are looking for a more friendly, laid-back kind of atmosphere.

Kraig and Rod are two Canadians from opposite ends of the country, who, by various twists of fate found themselves working together in a hostel in Prague in 2008. It was there they honed their skills in the hostel trade for a few years before opening The MadHouse in 2012. Now that the MadHouse has been firmly established as one of the top hostels in Europe, they feel that it’s the time to chase down their next dream.

During their time in Prague, they have seen the hostel industry grow and evolve rapidly. It started out by merely offering a bed and a safe place to sleep, to becoming an entire lifestyle that brings people together as part of a widespread travel community. After living, breathing (and loving!) hostels for the past decade, they made the following conclusions about travelling, and created The RoadHouse in response:

     1. The best way to meet new people is over a good meal and/or a few drinks.

To help you meet your fellow travellers, we organize daily activities. During your stay, this could include anything from nightly family dinners to local festivals and events or simply catching up at one of the fabulous (award-winning!) wine bars, pubs and cocktail bars in our neighbourhood.

     2. Hostel staff are a wealth of current, local information that can sometimes get lost in guide books or blogs.

Our fantastic, international staff are ready to help you with anything from planning your day to finding a hairdresser. Whether you want to pick their brains for recommendations or simply chill out and unwind over a couple beers, they’re available for you 24/7.

     3. There is no reason why you can’t have the comforts of home while living on the road.

Our brand-spanking-new hostel was designed to be as comfortable as possible. From beautiful bathrooms to a fully equipped kitchen, to a cozy lounge and even a balcony, it’s a place that you can look forward to coming home to at the end of each day.

     4. Travelling is about so much more than just the places you see – it’s also about the people you meet and experiences you share with them.

In short, The RoadHouse is for backpackers who love the hostel life. If that’s you, come stay with us and see why we’re so excited about it!

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