Web partner, Brandweb

Brandweb is a Danish web agency that relocated to Estonia in early 2017. They help to inspire companies with smaller budgets to compete with the big guys. Their trait is user-friendliness, so that the company can maintain their own website, without any coding/programming knowledge.

Brandweb, located in Estonia, is our website partner

All their solutions are built in WordPress – like our own website, www.theroadhouseprague.com.

“For us Brandweb isn’t just a job – it’s a part of who we are. Creating websites is so much more than what people believe. It’s your virtual handshake. It’s have you greet people anno 2017. That is why we do what we do. To make sure you give the right impression.

Alexander Juul Jakobsen, CEO

The agency offers websites and webshops starting from 250 euros and SEO from 100 euros per month.

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